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foil supplier manufacturer

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foil supplier manufacturer

Reliable Manufacturer of High Gloss Transfer Film for Leather and Textile

Top Snda is a trusted transfer film manufacturer specialized in various heat transfer films for leather and textile finishing. Our catalogue mainly covers leather transfer film and textile transfer film. These thermoplastic films are composed of PET carrier film and resin granules, and feature good bonding/fastness as well as excellent resistance to yellowing and water washing. With over 3800 pattern options, our transfer foil delivers special decorative effects to shoes, bags, suitcases, clothes,home sofa,etc. Custom design is also accepted. If you are engaged in the production of leather or textile goods, contact us today for premium quality transfer films.

films for leather, fabric and aluminium.

operates in the textile finishing and ennobling field ranging from traditional print to the increasingly sophisticated techniques for coating, laminating and metallizing.

These applications - which are used in various industries including fashion, lingerie, underwear - are our responses to the demands of a changing market.

Leather and leather goods markets

For the leather and leather goods market hhumar produces different kind of films for leather finishing. The internal production allows us to offer a very wide and assorted drawings catalogue and allows us to produce custom designs and colour works as requested.

* Thermoplastic Films

* Lacquer films

* Metallized films

* Acid films

To evaluate the large variety of possible results, you may take a look to this gallery:

Thermoplastic Films

hhumar  produces Thermoplastic Films as wide as 160 cm with design from our wide catalogue or upon client's request.

These films have design realized using thermoplastic resins, transparent, white, black or coloured. By way of a calander or flatbed press, the resins on the film can be transferred onto leather, synthetic leather or fabric. The appearance of the drawing transferred is usually gloss.

The design applied can reamin as is or it can be further processed to give opaque appearance or to decorate it with drawings or solid colors (using lacquers films) or metallized effects (using metallic foils).


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